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Waynesville Tile & Grout Cleaning | Waynesville NC

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Whether you own a home, business, or are the manager of a large commercial facility, you're probably aware of how much abuse your floors take on a daily basis. It goes without saying that the better the state of your floors, the better an impression your space is going to give. If you need thorough, comprehensive grout and tile cleaning services for your home or commercial property, call A Better Clean LLC to learn more about the options we offer.

We go out of our way to exceed every clients expectations. When you hire us for grout and tile cleaning, we'll take the time to do our job diligently and accurately. We understand how important it is to have your floors looking well-maintained. As our customer, you can expect meticulous service, and exceptional value no matter the scope of the job.

Step One:

We use a simple, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution on your tile and grout to agitate the dirt that’s ingrained into the floor (that’s why mopping never removes it, allowing it to build up over time).

Step Two:

We then use our patented floor tool that applies heated water at just the right pre-selected cleaning pressure in the Containing Dome – pre-selected at a level that precludes any damage. At the same time the water is being applied, it’s also vacuum-extracted at 5 gallons per minute, leaving the surface almost completely dry.

Why waste more time and effort "trying" to clean your tile and grout the old fashion way? We offer fast, effective, and affordable solutions that work on any hard surface: natural stone; travertine; brick; concrete; and stucco. We can do it all - vertical or horizontal.

Our specialty is cleaning tile and grout, but we can do much more. 


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